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About Us

Airrex Philippines is the official distributor of Airrex brand in the Philippines carrying Portable aircons and Dehumidifier machines. The Airrex machines were imported from Incheon South Korea by Hephzibah Co., Ltd.

Hephzibah Co., Ltd was established in 1986 and has been engaged in developing and manufacturing various electric controllers such as Air Conditioner controller, Boiler Controller, Water Purifier Controllers, etc.

With the technology and production know-how gained in the course of engaging in the above field of business, we developed the Portable Air Conditioner and Far Infrared Heater in 1993. With development of the Electric Plate Heater and Officer Cooler in 2004 and 2005, Hephzibah has now become Number one manufacturer in this field in Korea.

With competent engineers engaged in developing excellent products and idea products each year, we have been attaining substantial growth in our industry each year, especially with the quality of our products valued as priority number one item in our business.

With experiences and confidence gained in the domestic markets, we are now focusing on exploiting the markets in Europe, Middle East, and North America. For such purpose we have our branch offices in the Middle East and in the United States of America.

At present, we are concentrating on high technology products such as Gas Analyser and CO2 sensor for air conditioner manufacturers, Auto mobile manufacturer, Air Purifier manufacturers, and expanding our markets with application products such as Vehicle CO2 monitor (AA-950) and Air Exchanger with CO2 monitor in the environment field.

Factory information: HEPHZIBAH 1385-15 JUAN-DONG NAM-GU INCHEON

The Airrex product sales manager was Engr. Jules Juvida with contact number Globe 0906-4300230 | Smart: 0939-2865007