Cebu companies now accessible of Airrex portable aircon

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There are numerous companies in Cebu next to Metro Manila multinational like Mitsubishi Cebu, Sanko plastic Cebu, Capiz Shells Manufacturer, Philippine Belt Manufacturing, etc. that will need a some sort of cooling like the Airrex portable aircon.

Airrex aircon are used in manufacturing and heavily as back-up for servers Cebu clients will now enjoy the one year warranty that has it because of our local partners in Cebu that acts as a service centers of our product.

Data centers of BPO’s in Cebu and major banks that require their servers to be cooled everytime their main centralized aircon are down Airrex will take its role as their back-up aircon in such critical time.

Please contact us ALL CLIENTS IN CEBU through these numbers 0906-4300230 | 0939-2865007 or Viber +63.9392865007